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'Anne of Green Gables' to premiere on PBS on Nov. 24

Karen Butler
NEW YORK, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- The latest, small-screen adaptation of the classic, Canadian novel "Anne of Green Gables" is to premiere on PBS on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24.

Study: Bariatric surgery safe, effective but could be improved

Stephen Feller
WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is significantly safe, but changes to how doctors perform the procedure could make it even safer, according to a new study.

Can pregnancy problems foretell future health risks?

HealthDay News
Some pregnancy complications may signal a higher risk of health problems later in life, according to a heart specialist.

New type of radiation treatment may up survival for older lung cancer patients

Dennis Thompson, HealthDay News
A new radiation therapy seems to boost survival for older people with early stage lung cancer who aren't strong enough for surgery, a pair of studies suggests.

Iron nanoparticles may trigger immune response to cancer

Stephen Feller
STANFORD, Calif., Sept. 26 (UPI) -- The anemia drug ferumoxytol was found in a study with mice to complement chemotherapy for cancer treatment, and even had an effect by itself, researchers say.

Washington Monument closed indefinitely because of elevator problems

Allen Cone
WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- The Washington Monument will remain closed indefinitely because of problems with its elevator.

NASA presents new evidence of water plumes on Europa

Brooks Hays
WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Hubble images offer new evidence of water plumes on Europa, a moon of Jupiter, as revealed by NASA scientists during a press conference Monday afternoon.

Always feeling lonely? Maybe it's in your DNA

HealthDay News
People with a lifelong inclination towards loneliness can probably place at least some of the blame on their genes, a large analysis suggests.

Harry Styles channels Mick Jagger on Another Man magazine covers

Karen Butler
LONDON, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- British pop star Harry Styles shared on Instagram a trio of magazine covers on which he looks like a young Mick Jagger.

UPI/CVoter state polls: Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in Electoral College

Allen Cone
WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (UPI) -- Donald Trump would earn enough votes to win the presidency in the Electoral College based on UPI/CVoter's state tracking poll released Monday.